“Do what you say you will do; when you say you will do it.” 
our story

Founded in 2014, Prime was started for one very simple reason - to create a company that will always do the right thing, where everyone in our organization matters.  Yes, we are a small business, but our dedicated team of experts provide unbelievable reach.  This is why the largest companies in the world and the federal government trust our team with their most valuable resource, their people.
Our father, who has been selling potato chips for 40 years, has always said that life and business are simple:  "do what you say you will do; when you say you will do it." This will always be our motto at Prime.  We make commitments to our employees and customers every day and every effort will be given to fulfill those commitments on time.
At Prime we’re building a company on a foundation of old school values and principles. We hire dedicated internal talent with a burning desire to succeed in their career and offer them a company to champion their growth.  The only thing we ask from our team is to always do the right thing, work hard, and stick to our values of Honesty, Integrity, Selfless Service and Personal Courage.

Our goal is to provide quality service at a competitive rate so our customers can capitalize on their business objectives.

To be credible, we must be truthful





Featured on NPR News

Kurt Sobotka (R) and Kyle Sobotka (L) speak with government contractors at the National Veterans Small Business Engagement